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Patient Learning and Action Network (P-LAN)

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In 2013, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented a new platform for everyone impacted by and involved with ESRD to come together to positively change ESRD care. Together, the Network, ESRD stakeholders, patients and providers formed the Patient Learning and Action Network (P-LAN).

What is the P-LAN?

The P-LAN is a group of patients, family members and renal professionals who collaborate to identify best practices, and design and implement quality improvement activities and educational campaigns to promote more patient-centered standards of quality care and opportunities for learning in the renal community.

The P-LAN is designed to empower patients. It is part advocacy, part outreach and part sharing of stories that keep P-LAN members and the ESRD community informed on changes and policies that influence renal care and inform the Network about how these policies are working at the patient level.

Join Us

We are asking for patients to volunteer as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist us in guiding educational and patient empowerment activities. If you are a patient who would like to serve as an SME, please contact the Network by calling (800) 548-9205. If you are a practitioner, please discuss this opportunity with your patients and encourage them to become an SME.

Being a P-LAN Member

Conference calls and webinars will be scheduled at times that are convenient for all participants, and will last for one hour.  Please sign up if you are able to take part in workgroup conference calls, periodically review educational materials and share your experience to help make ESRD care more patient-centered and safe, and to promote the best possible health while living with ESRD.


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